If you are often being told to have your university assignments edited or proofread for grammatical errors, you may need some assistance with English grammar. Rather than just having your work edited by somebody and then continuing to make the same mistakes again and again, you may wish to take these online tutorials in English grammar. These online tutorials are tailored to suit your individual needs. They do not generally involve online face-to-face tutoring (for example through Zoom), so you are free to complete work in your own time.  You can arrange to have the tutorials as frequently or infrequently as you like and there will be no obligation to continue. Your lessons will be aimed at correcting the mistakes you are most frequently making and helping you to break those habits. If required, some online face-to-face assistance through Zoom or FaceTime can also be arranged to complement written tutorials.

Please make an enquiry by submitting a General Enquiry Form. You will then be contacted by email and given further information about costs and options. Once an agreement has been made, you will be asked to make an up-front payment and to submit a sample of writing. From this writing sample, your first online tutorial will be created.