Surprisingly, many students in years 3-6 are old enough to be tutored online. These English tutorials do not necessarily need to include online face-to-face tutoring (e.g. FaceTime or Zoom), so students can be free to complete tutorial work at a time that suits them; however, face-to-face tutoring via FaceTime or Zoom can also be used to assist. The tutorials mainly involve individually tailored writing exercises (creative writing and persuasive writing in particular), correction of grammar and spelling, extension of general vocabulary and some comprehension work, so minimal face-to-face teaching time is required, but this depends upon student age and personal learning capacity. Particular attention may be paid to relevant exam preparation, depending on the needs of students (for example the NSW Selective School Exam, particular scholarship exams or NAPLAN). These lessons are ideal for those who do not live close to an English tutor or who are unable to travel due to time restrictions, distance or other inconvenience.

If you would like your child to try having an individually tailored, online English tutorial, please complete the General Enquiry Form, and you will be given further information by email about costs, options and possible arrangements to suit your needs.

You will not be under any obligation to continue tutorials, but you will be asked to make payment for each separate tutorial up-front before each tutorial/workshop can be arranged. Ordinarily you will be asked to submit a sample of your child’s work  (narrative or persuasive text) before the first workshop can commence.

You may also request a one-off assessment report for your child with no further obligations to proceed with tutorials. The written report will provide you with a detailed examination of your child’s level of English, pin-pointing weaknesses and suggesting main focus areas. These focus areas can then be followed up through tutorials if you wish.

If your child is below year 3 but you still wish to make enquiries in relation to online tutorials – or a one-off assessment report – you may do so via the General Enquiry Form (in this case, please mention which year your child is in at school).