Online Copy-editing for High School and University Students

“As a Year 12 student struggling with writing English essays, I found that Michelle Sheté helped me develop my writing skills through her online editing service. She is an outstanding editor, and constantly gave me extensive feedback on any practice essay I gave her by correcting grammatical errors and identifying areas where I needed to improve my expression. Her constant feedback overall enhanced my formal essay writing skills, which I will certainly use in the future.”

Suruthi, (current university student).

Online English Tuition for School Students

Mrs Sheté is an amazing teacher from whom I’ve been taking lessons since year 3. She has been a tremendous help to my writing, both editing it and also teaching me how to improve it. Both my writing and comprehension skills have been boosted exceedingly thanks to her dedicated and detailed feedback. I feel that Mrs Sheté’s lessons are what have raised my English skills to where they are today. Without her, I would not have received the same astonishing results for English in school as I have for the past few years. Mrs Sheté is not only phenomenal in the aspect of teaching but is also a very fun teacher whose lessons are full of excitement and captivation.”

Annaliese, (current year 7 student).

English Tuition for Primary Schoolers

“Both my children became interested in writing stories from early primary school, and we were very lucky to have found Dr Sheté who gave them lessons for more than 5 years. They not only learnt to apply different techniques to make their stories interesting, but they also got training in writing other texts (e.g. persuasive writing, poetry). She encouraged both of them to enter writing competitions, and both won a range of prizes for their stories and poems at different times. Most importantly, they enjoyed their lessons with Dr Sheté, and were most happy to do their writing homework and attend writing lessons. As a parent I really appreciated Michelle’s feedback and the way she checked in with me to set goals for the kids.”

Sue, (parent review on TutorFinder.Com)

Writing and Editing Services for Non-Native English Speaking Professionals

“I would 100% recommend Michelle Sheté as an editor. I recently used her editing services for editing my material for a website. As a foreign/‘not English first language person’, starting a new business in natural therapies area, I knew exactly what I wanted to offer and info about my work/services. I wanted to be there but I was struggling with writing it in a professional way, and I really wanted it to sound professional. I’m so glad that there is this opportunity here (her editing services), so we (foreigners) do not get stuck on these obstacles, so we can follow our dreams and we can be out there helping others by using our gifts and skills.”

Adriana, (non-native English speaking professional).

Online English Tutoring and Copy-editing for Non-Native English Speaking University Students

“Dear Dr Michelle, 

Thank you so much for taking the time to edit my work. This is exactly what I needed because no one has ever explained this to me before like you did. I am so happy for what you have done. Very, very much appreciated…

Thank you again. I will work on my next task that you have sent.”

Ann, (letter from a non-native English speaking university student).


English Tuition for Primary Schoolers

“My son was tutored by Dr Michelle Sheté for creative writing. Dr Sheté was a phenomenal and professional tutor at all times. Andrew was of high academic ability, however Dr Sheté continued to nurture and expand all areas of creative writing. The homework tasks given were aligned to the work studied during the lesson. Andrew loved Dr Sheté’s learning style and continuously achieved extremely high marks in all assessment areas, even gaining a spot at a top elite selective private school. I highly recommend Dr Sheté and believe she is an outstanding tutor.”

Ms. Caramanis, (parent review).

Writing Tuition for University Students and Professionals

“Michelle delivers insightful creative writing and meditation workshops to the Academy’s Graduate Diploma students. Michelle’s writing and meditation expertise provides valuable guidance for students wishing to use writing and meditation activities with clients, as well as those wishing to further develop their narrative writing pieces for publication.”

Dr. Rosa Bologna, Director of the Academy of Art and Play Therapy (Review from the Academy’s Website)

Personal Creative Writing

“Third place went to Michelle Sheté from Sydney, for ‘The Storyteller on Tremor St.

… Elizabeth loved the story because it challenged traditional thinking. ‘Miss Chelsea dared to look positively at the world, ignore her increasing age, and spend more time with youthful minds than those of her peers.’”

Competition Judge, Elizabeth Bezant (National Press Release 2011, for Peter Cowan Writers’ Centre Julie Lewis Biennial Literary Award for Prose).

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