If you are a freelance writer looking for a copy-editor for your fiction or non-fiction manuscript, you may wish to make use of this service that involves checking grammar, clarity, punctuation, tense, spelling and consistency.

Generally the cost of this Copy-editing Service for Freelance Writers will be calculated per hour and will depend upon the length of the manuscript and the extent of editing required. It is expected that the manuscript will already have been carefully edited by the writer and be almost ready to submit somewhere for potential publication.

It may also be possible to receive general feedback or more extensive structural editing advice, but please note that lengthy manuscripts with strict deadlines are currently not being accepted for editing.

When you submit your General Enquiry Form, you will receive a reply via email with a quote and instructions on how to make an up-front payment through this website and how to submit your manuscript for editing.

If you would like general support and ongoing guidance to help you reach the end of a lengthy creative project, you may wish to consider online English tutorials that can be adapted to suit your requirements. Please mention this at the end of your General Enquiry Form and see Online English Tutoring for Professionals.