This Copy-editing Service for High School Students (Years 7-12) involves correcting your text for grammatical errors including punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, verb agreement and tense. The purpose of this edit is to achieve accuracy, clarity and consistency in the text.

The cost of this online service will be calculated per hour, and this will depend upon the length of the text and the extent of editing required. You will be offered a quote when you submit a General Enquiry Form.

Please ensure that you try to submit your work at least 5 days before the final work is due at school. If not, you will risk the chance of finding yourself at the end of a queue and may miss the opportunity of having your work edited.

(Note: in line with high school regulations, this editing service does not include structural editing: no changes will be made to the structure, argument or ideas, and no advice will be given in relation to a task question. This Copy-editing Service for High School Students is legitimate and aimed at ensuring your expression and grammar are polished; however, your paper will not be written for you so that you do not subject yourself to charges of plagiarism.)

To make further enquiries please submit a General Enquiry Form. You will then be contacted via email, given a quote and instructions on how to make an up-front payment through this website and how to submit your work for editing if you wish to proceed.

If you feel that you require ongoing English tuition, please read the information here about Online English Tutoring for High School Students.