This tutoring service is ideal for professionals whose first language is not English or for those who need to brush up on their English language skills. It does not necessarily need to involve online face-to-face tutoring (for example through Zoom or FaceTime), so you can take advantage of the written tutorial lessons at a time that suits you, as frequently or as infrequently as you like; however, if you prefer, some face-to-face online teaching through Zoom or FaceTime can be arranged to assist. These lessons are perfect for very busy people, for those who live in remote areas or for those who are unable to attend a college or tutoring centre due to other inconveniences. The lessons will be tailored to suit your individual needs based on the work you submit.

Please make an enquiry using the General Enquiry Form. You will receive a reply by email along with a quote and instructions on how to make an up-front payment through this website. You will also be asked to submit a sample of writing, and from this sample your first tutorial will be created. You will not be under any obligation to continue tutorials for any particular length of time.