BA (Professional Writing) Canb.,  MA (Religious Studies) Syd., PhD (Creative Writing) Woll.    

ABN: 13589061794

Dr. Michelle Sheté is a freelance writer, editor and English tutor living in Sydney, Australia. She has provided structural editing, copy-editing and writing services for small businesses and freelance writers as well as copy-editing services for university and high school students since 2008. Prior to this, she was employed in editorial related positions for academic journals including the University of Sydney’s Australian Accounting Review and Asia-Pacific Journal of Environmental Law. She created regular newsletters and handbooks for the Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law and the University of Sydney’s School of Studies in Religion. Her PhD thesis The Perceptive Poets: A Comparative Study of Jalálu’l-Dín Rúmi, Sant Kabír, Matsuo Bashó and William Blake is accessible online, published by the University of Wollongong, and her shorter academic articles have appeared in journals such as Australian Religion Studies Review.

Dr Sheté also has more than ten years experience as an English tutor, conducting both face-to-face and online private English tuition as well as group coaching at colleges for primary, high school and university students. Additionally, she has taught non-native English speakers both in person and online.

As a poet and writer of fiction, Michelle has published in the University of Queensland’s Hecate as well as Tangent, Women-Church, FreeXpression, Femagogy Zine and Knowledge of Reality. She was a prizewinner in Perth’s Peter Cowan Writers’ Centre ‘National Biennial Julie Lewis Literary Award’ competition for prose in 2011, and her songs have been shortlisted by the NSW Songwriters’ Society. Her novella Elisa’s India is available online, made accessible by the University of Wollongong.

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